Affinis Starling Bank Accounts - Excel

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Affinis Starling Bank Accounts - Excel

Import your Starling Bank account information including balances and transactions into Excel via open banking APIs.


An excel spreadsheet which connects to Starling Bank via open banking APIs to retrieve bank accounts for a customer.

For each bank account (max 10), it will then retrieve account details, balances and statement transaction for a given date range.

This currently is activated for connection via Personal Access (you must have a Starling developer account and link your own bank account to it).

Affinis is currently applying for FCA registration as an AISP and until approval is granted, the Production OAuth connectivity is not enabled.

For permission to amend this spreadsheet to use with your own AISP, access to the source code or to amend for use in your own Sandbox, contact us for commercial terms.  Otherwise this is free for use, as is, via Personal Access.

See a demonstration at:

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