Affinis Data APIs Overview From ISO 20022 to Identity to Trade Data

ISO 20022 APIs


Developing your bank’s own payment initiation API or want to generate test statements and reports?  Want to see a full pain.001.001.09 model?  This demonstration API has endpoints for a payment initiation and generates sample camt.053, camt.052 and camt.054, conforming to current ISO 20022 standards (CBPR+ usage guidelines).

Identity APIs

Legal Entity Identifiers

Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) are unique codes to identify an organisation.  Our API enpoints enable verification of an LEI, getting the LEI details, getting any BICs and for a given BIC, getting any LEIs.

Trade Data APIs


Having difficulty finding historical candlestick data for crypto assests?  We have an API for OHLCV (candlestick) data with technical indicators for a range of crypto trading pairs.